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HOW TO USE the Optical Classifieds

1. Select the appropriate classifieds category and/or state to search, or you can search ALL categories and states.
2. Click View Results.

– If you wish to narrow the search simply select more than one search criteria.

HOW TO USE the Optical Directory

1. Select the appropriate supplier category to search, or you can search ALL categories.
2. Search by Company or State
3. Click View Results.

– If you wish to narrow the search simply select more than one search criteria.
– If you select ALL suppliers you MUST select a Company or State to search with.
– You only need to enter the first few letters to find variations of the word, eg. Opt to find Optical, etc.

Employer Benefits

We query our extensive database of new graduates, seasoned veterans and other skilled professionals to match the qualifications of your job description. Our search covers not only your local area, but the entire country – in order to include professionals with a desire to relocate. Your employment opening gets national exposure for FREE. And our unique instant notification feature immediately matches job candidates and positions, and instantly notifies you vie e-mail, fax or pager.

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If you’re a seasoned veteran or just out of school, are looking for a permanent position or just some extra income, VisionCareClassifieds can connect you with the right opportunity. Here’s how to get started:

Provide a detailed profile of your career objectives, experience and qualifications
Evaluate your services and target employers that provide the best fit
You’ll be notified instantly via fax, e-mail or pager every time there’s a match. You get nationwide reach without spending a penny in commissions or other fees.

You can also search VisionCareClassifeds and find hundreds of job postings, updated continuously. Or you can shop different employers to see what’s available in your area.

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