Exercises To Stop Hair Loss


I want to tell you about two exercises that I did and keep doing to prevent or stop hair loss.

The first exercise is intended to improve blood circulation. What this exercise involves is standing on your head, doing a headstand.  A lot of people when they do a headstand, they do it like this, helping with their elbows. Or they call it a headstand but in reality is just they’re raising their legs up and the head is bent and the floor, or wherever they’re doing this supposed headstand on, it goes against their back in their neck. Now that’s obviously not a headstand. And there’s a critical point and aspect that here I wish to make you stand on your head and making sure that you’re pressing against an area that is most affected.

I believe it may be a beneficial exercise for you to do because you are now improving overall blood circulation in the region where you’re losing hair. So, this is how you do a headstand that I recommend. Now you are standing on your head, and you want to make sure that where you’re placing your head, it’s nice and soft. It shouldn’t be too gentle, it’s not like a pillow, but it can be like a carpet or a rug. That’s ideal. You shouldn’t be standing on hardwood floor because that will be just too painful, it may apply too much pressure on your skin that may damage your hair. Headstand on your head and you stand like this for 30 seconds or so. Sometimes you can even rotate: go back, forward with your head.

You have to make sure that all the blood that has circulated towards your upper body and towards your head stabilized, so you have to lay down after each time you stand on your head. Otherwise, you might damage your blood vessels, especially the smaller ones because they have just inflated, they stretched. And if you go up too quickly, blood will go away from them, and that may be a bit too much rapid blood flow in the other direction. And there might be accidental damage. You always want to do it very gradual and slow and obviously in a balanced way. This exercise is very beneficial; it improves blood circulation in a slightly different way than simply massaging your scalp with a hairbrush. This training helped me stop hair loss.


Now there’s another method I wish to tell you about. It pretty much similar to the hair brush but I mostly do it when I’m in the bathtub or an asana wherever there are high heat and blood circulation over the body has already increased. Whenever hair brush is not available to you or sometimes it just feels better to do it with your hands, and you begin to massage the scalp. And specifically what you’re doing is you’re bringing blood first into the area that’s most affected where you’re experiencing most hair loss; and then away from it.  So you’re doing in-away, in-away. That what you are doing for about two minutes or so. Once you’re doing it in an either bathtub or an asana where you’re already having a lot of blood circulation, so you’re pumping now a lot of blood to this affected area. It is the perfect thing to do once, twice, or three times a week, how much your schedule permits.

So that is the things that I did. I still do them regularly. I drink a lot of water, I eat healthily, I do the scalp massage on a daily basis, and that prevented my hair loss. So far so good I would say. These techniques hopefully will work for you.