Exercises To Stop Hair Loss


I want to tell you about two exercises that I did and keep doing to prevent or stop hair loss.

The first exercise is intended to improve blood circulation. What this exercise involves is standing on your head, doing a headstand.  A lot of people when they do a headstand, they do it like this, helping with their elbows. Or they call it a headstand but in reality is just they’re raising their legs up and the head is bent and the floor, or wherever they’re doing this supposed headstand on, it goes against their back in their neck. Now that’s obviously not a headstand. And there’s a critical point and aspect that here I wish to make you stand on your head and making sure that you’re pressing against an area that is most affected.

I believe it may be a beneficial exercise for you to do because you are now improving overall blood circulation in the region where you’re losing hair. So, this is how you do a headstand that I recommend. Now you are standing on your head, and you want to make sure that where you’re placing your head, it’s nice and soft. It shouldn’t be too gentle, it’s not like a pillow, but it can be like a carpet or a rug. That’s ideal. You shouldn’t be standing on hardwood floor because that will be just too painful, it may apply too much pressure on your skin that may damage your hair. Headstand on your head and you stand like this for 30 seconds or so. Sometimes you can even rotate: go back, forward with your head.

You have to make sure that all the blood that has circulated towards your upper body and towards your head stabilized, so you have to lay down after each time you stand on your head. Otherwise, you might damage your blood vessels, especially the smaller ones because they have just inflated, they stretched. And if you go up too quickly, blood will go away from them, and that may be a bit too much rapid blood flow in the other direction. And there might be accidental damage. You always want to do it very gradual and slow and obviously in a balanced way. This exercise is very beneficial; it improves blood circulation in a slightly different way than simply massaging your scalp with a hairbrush. This training helped me stop hair loss.


Now there’s another method I wish to tell you about. It pretty much similar to the hair brush but I mostly do it when I’m in the bathtub or an asana wherever there are high heat and blood circulation over the body has already increased. Whenever hair brush is not available to you or sometimes it just feels better to do it with your hands, and you begin to massage the scalp. And specifically what you’re doing is you’re bringing blood first into the area that’s most affected where you’re experiencing most hair loss; and then away from it.  So you’re doing in-away, in-away. That what you are doing for about two minutes or so. Once you’re doing it in an either bathtub or an asana where you’re already having a lot of blood circulation, so you’re pumping now a lot of blood to this affected area. It is the perfect thing to do once, twice, or three times a week, how much your schedule permits.

So that is the things that I did. I still do them regularly. I drink a lot of water, I eat healthily, I do the scalp massage on a daily basis, and that prevented my hair loss. So far so good I would say. These techniques hopefully will work for you.

Male Infertility and Acupuncture

I have a list of the causes of infertility. Seven of the most common reasons why couples are unable to conceive.

  1. Unexplained – 28%;
  2. Male factor – 23%;
  3. Ovulatory dysfunction – 18%;
  4. Tubal damage – 14%;
  5. Endometriosis – 9%;
  6. Coital problems – 5%;
  7. Cervical factor – 3%.

Today I’m going to talk a lot about the male factor, which is a whopping 23% of all infertility cases. When you suspect that you might have problems with your sperm, or you and your partner unable to conceive, and the woman has everything ok, you can do a semen analysis. When you give a semen sample, they’re going to analyze your semen, and these are the things that they’re looking for:

  • measurement of semen volume and pH;
  • microscopy for debris and agglutination;
  • assessment of sperm concentration, motility, and morphology;
  • sperm leukocyte count;
  • search for immature germ cells.

They’re looking for a measurement of the semen volume, the ph of the semen, they’re do looking at the underneath the microscope to see, if there’s any kind of extra things in there, that are not supposed to be in there, leukocytes to see, if there are an infection and immature germ cells.

The World Health Organization has made an list of parameters that all doctors follow. And so this is kind of what they’re basing everything on.

  • Volume – 1.5 ml;
  • Sperm concentration – 15 million spermatozoa/mL;
  • Total sperm number – 39 million spermatozoa/sample;
  • Morphology – 4% normal forms;
  • Vitality – 58% live;
  • Progressive motility – 32%;
  • Total (progressive +nonprogressive motility) – 40%.

They are making sure, they have a volume of at least 1.5 millilitres; the first sperm concentration needs to be 15 million sperm per milliliter and a total sperm number of  39 per sample. They’re looking the morphology, the vitality, and how well the sperm swims.

This is just a quick overview of the sperm morphology, just in case you’re unclear what they mean, when they tell you that you have poor morphology. There is an example of a normal sperm, and then you have the big sperm, the small sperm, sperm with two heads, sperm with two tales.

Here’s a lovely list of the causes of male infertility, is a huge list and some of these are debatable, they haven’t done full studies to find out, if it’s true or not, but it can be anything from a traumatic injury to radiation, environmental toxins, tight underwear, cell phones, poor diet, and even too much alcohol.

So we’re going to talk a little bit of out the Chinese medicine diagnosis of poor sperm quality and why you would have poor sperm quality. So what I love about Chinese medicine is the ability for it to fit all of these random symptoms that show up, like sore lower back, premature ejaculation to swelling and itching in your scrotum, under one umbrella. And we’re able to make a diagnosis in Chinese medicine and treat you, when in Western medicine things are kind of scattered all over the place.

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The first diagnosis that we can make in Chinese medicine is the kidney insufficiency. So this is usually caused by overwork and lots of stress, staying up late, not sleeping regular hours, and just working too much. Some of the symptoms that we have with kidney insufficiency are:

  • premature ejaculation;
  • impotence or inability to sustain an erection;
  • a very high libido;
  • and a high percentage of abnormal sperm;
  • restlessness and heat, so the people seem kind of agitated, or they’re very thirsty, or they just have a lot of heat kind of symptoms.

Next is the kidney yang deficiency so that is displayed by:

  • low libido;
  • again impotence and inability to sustain an erection;
  • poor sperm motility;
  • low sperm count;
  • chilliness and lethargy – this person would usually feel tired and cold.

And the next one is damp heat. So usually  that person have:

  • swelling, heat and discomfort in the genitals;
  • painful urination;
  • and often that has some previous infection like herpes or STDs or just maybe a rash down there.

Damp heat can be caused by a poor diet and overconsumption of alcohol.

Another really common one that people are talking a lot about right now is Qi and blood stasis. So Qi is a vital energy in Chinese medicine, we want to make sure that it is moving very smoothly, and blood stasis is just exactly what it sounds like. So it can actually be felt on the scrotum and seen and is diagnosed through an ultrasound. And there is surgery that you can get to treat it. Another symptom would be an understanding testicles, or a reversal of the vasectomy is something that we can treat to.

So what can acupuncture treat? You have this diagnosis, you’ve given your semen analysis, and we can treat these four things among others, but mostly these four things. Low motility, a poor morphology very common, low sperm count again very common, and anti-sperm antibodies.

There are lots and lots of research to support that Chinese medicine can help with male infertility. This is just one study that they’ve done among many. So this is a controlled study with 32 men, 16 of the men were given ten acupuncture treatments over five weeks, and the results were:

  • increased the number of motile sperm;
  • increased number of sperm with intact tales;
  • and increased percent of viable sperm.

And that was only in five weeks, twice a week. I just like to speak briefly about poor sperm quality, two points I’d like to make. It’s much more easier to treat a man that it is to treat a woman. A woman cycle is a lot more complicated, a lot of different hormones and also have to worry about regulating the period, making sure that the woman is ovulating and pinpointing the ovulation. Another point is that sperm quality changes with age, decreasing fertility just like in women’s. So the older man gets, unfortunately, the lower quality the sperm can become.

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How To Take Male Enhancement Supplement?


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The frequency of it

Different products will usually have different requirements in taking the pills. Despite so, most brands will suggest you to take the male enhancement pills once a day. But you can take Vimax pill only once in two days. There are herbs that might be too strong if you take them more than once. Despite so, you might see some people that would suggest you to take the pills twice a day. It will usually be taken around morning and evening. If that is the case, they often work with ingredients and herbs that are less strong than usual, and that is okay.

The amount of the pills


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Optimizing the results

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Menopause Treatment


Weight Gain


Weight gain is one of the common concerns for my patients’reasons for seeking care for me. And it is mainly related to aging lifestyle. The many women feel like they are gaining a lot of weight around the time of menopause.  It has been conflicting what the studies have shown but over the menopause transition, you can expect about an average weight gain of five pounds during those years. And there are changes in body composition and fat distribution however that have been shown to be independent of aging. And this includes:

  • An increase in fat accumulation in the abdominal region.
  • The decrease in lean body mass.
  • Visceral abdominal fat – so that is that the bad fat that surrounds your organs that can be associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • And then also decrease metabolic rate or any energy expenditure has been shown to be associated with menopause.

So do hormones help you lose weight? No. But estrogen may attenuate some of these metabolic changes. And some studies have shown that estrogen may also attenuate the propensity to accumulate fat in the abdominal region. But I have yet to see any patients lose weight on their hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy

hormone therapy

We are going toward to hormone therapy next and I need spend some time talking about this because this also seems to be an area where there is a lot of confusion.

So hormone therapy refers to the estrogen, or if you have a uterus, the estrogen-progesterone combination products. And it has been available for more than 60 years, it still seems to be the most efficient treatment for hot flashes and vasomotor symptoms. And it is FDA approved for moderate to severe hot flashes and night sweats that are bothersome to a woman. Symptoms of vaginal atrophy, those are the sole symptoms generally the recommendation is s to use the estrogen vaginally and not use it to the point where you would raise your blood estrogen levels. Also, it is FDA approved for prevention of osteoporosis.Though not generally a first-line therapy for that anymore.

So the benefits include as I already mentioned highly effective for the treatment of the vasomotor symptoms, positive effects on preserving bone density.

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Tips To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

Today I am going to give you some tips that will help you to last longer in bed. So let’s start.

Tip 1: Edging


And the other thing you can do is begin to play your own edge, or it is called “edging”. So you can masturbate to almost going to have an orgasm and then slow down, relax, breathe and doing that over and over so that you are building up your response to be able to feel that much pleasure and drop back, make that much pleasure and drop back.

Tip 2: Save it!

If you woman gets upset when you masturbate in the shower and then you can’t get hard for her later. You should save it for your partner. So either don’t masturbate in the shower, or you can masturbate but not ejaculate and keep that so that you are more aroused throughout the whole day and more aroused for your partner.

Tip 3: Don’t leave her hanging


Make sure that you always help her finish too. So even if you finish first make sure she finishes last.  Get her oral sex or finish her with your hands that that she also has an orgasm. A lot of men, they get inside, and they get too excited and then they have their orgasm, and the woman is sort of left hanging. And believe me for women that are very frustrating because you have built up all the sexual tension waiting for an orgasm and then your partner doesn’t give you what he has.  And then the women’s laying there going like “I hate you”.

So hopefully those tips are going to be helpful, and you will be able to last longer in the bedroom and bring your partner more pleasure, as much pleasure as she is capable of.